I get some questions about myself so here are answers! 

1. how old are you? when is your birthday?

I’m almost 17. ALMOST. I was born on august 10, 1997 

2. where are you from?

I’m from Poland! I live in nice, dirty city Katowice (but I love my city anyway)

3. what country you would like to visit?

Norway, Island or Great Britain (London - because of SHERLOCK ;-;)

4. What pet do you have or you would like to have?

I have a cat! she’s name is Laura, I love her so much!! she is almost 9 but still looks young. 

5. best gift that was ever given you?

ooh I think it’s my tablet! I got my bamboo 3 years ago for christmas and it’s awesome. and also I Iove every drawing that someone ever drew for me! fanarts of my OCs are the best gifts in the world

6.  something you hate that your family/relatives do

I hate when my sister doesn’t do anything in home and my mom is cool with that. this is so annoying, I know that I’m older (only 10 months!) but it doesn’t mean that I have to do everything by myself :I

7. something you love

I love many things! like my cat, friends, food, music, cartoons, drawing, animated movies, sleeping, swimming and pink color

8. favorite drink?

hot tea with lemon and sugar! and blackcurrant juice.

and also ice coffee with whipped cream 

9.  what would be your dream life in the future?

I would like to have a nice job that I like and live with person that I love ;-;

10. favorite book (and why)

I like LOTR (beacause of that whole world and characters that Tolkien created), To Kill a Mockinbird - Harper Lee (this book tells the story of intolerance against black people in 1930<, written from a child’s perspective who lives in small town in Alabama, I really like it)

11. do you have siblings?

yes, I have a younger sister

12. what tablet do you use?

it’s wacom bamboo pen! 

13. do you draw in traditional too?

yes, sometimes but  I prefer to draw in digital

14. a) what does your workspace look like?

      b) take a picture of your workspace and sign each ‘element’ please!


15. selfie!



16. do you have last.fm?

yeah http://www.lastfm.pl/user/ntrya

17. do you like chocolate?

is that a rhetorical question? :0

18. how much do you weigh? how tall are you?

53 kg - 116 lbs, 163cm - 5’3 ft

19. are you in relationship?


20. what are you listening right now?

dark dark dark - something for myself ;-;

21. do you wanna build a snowman?

go away anonim :///

22. are you in love right now?

mhghdhmfmhmm mmmmaybe ahjwejflrl

someone send me a message that I should write something about myself, like age, my birthday etc. so if you want to know something about me send me a question and i will answer  in one big (or small) post ‘ABOUT’


ohmygod 1800+ notes on my bubbline fanart!! thank you so much, this is so crazyy

i will draw for youu



hey if anybody would like to commission me and give me money, don’t be shy and WRITE TO ME !

ohmygod my friend is doing commissions! SHE IS AWESOME and you should commission her!!

(ohgod this is so BIG) 
commission for ysds!
i drew it few weeks ago and idk i want to submit something beacuse i&#8217;m very inactive uhh sorry
Anonymous said:

Where are You from

i’m from POLAND